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Hundred 100 Play Draw Poker

开发 King Cobra Games
1 usd

100 Play Draw Poker provides a neat casino style experience with the flexibility to play up to a hundred poker hands at once. Included is 3 popular game variations that all video poker players enjoy; Jacks Or Better, Double Double Bonus Poker and Triple Double Bonus Poker.Based on the casino version with the same odds and payout, our game provides unlimited play with unlimited credits! Hit large jackpots by playing 100 hands at once for mega winning possibilities on good draws. Hundred Play Draw Poker livens up the action and gives video poker players added excitement.
While maintaining similarities with the casino game, our rendition has several extras; Ambient background music that replicates the casino environment, unique card faces and a flashing display on the main menu that keeps all of the statistics based on your lifetime play.
Hundred 100 Play Draw Poker is a pay once application. For only $1.99 you get the full game and all updates that come down the pike for free. There are no bothersome ads or crazy endless in-app purchases.